We did it!  We bought a foreclosure!  Now what?  It was exciting, overwhelming and downright mentally exhausting to think of all the changes that we needed to do just to make the house livable.  Not even pretty.  That would come later.

C_UsersGaryDesktopTxSizedHomeOriginal House photos1

Here she is in.  In all her shrubbery, outdated fixtures, peeling paint, overgrown trees ranch style disaster.  From the pictures it doesn’t look that bad, but trust us….it was!  It was, still is, a Texas sized renovation at its finest.  Before we were even able to move in we had to bring the house up to FHA standards.  Which left us with another month of living in an apartment, with 5 children mind you.  Let us show you what we started with prior to any changes that were made.  Que pictures…(don’t judge!)

Front Yard

The house sits facing a cul-de-sac with us sitting highest on the block.  There is no fence, but 0.4 acres worth of trees and shrubs.  The house sits smack dab in the middle of the lot.

Side House


This is the rear entry driveway/garage.


Side view of the house.  Red Tips, Boxwoods and found out too late, Poison Ivy, were planted all along the perimeter of the house many years ago.  We now hate shrubs.


This is a picture of the peeling paint, and original incoming electrical to the house.

And these were just the outside photos.  The house had sat vacant for 2 years prior to us winning it in a bidding war.  Yay us!

Prior to moving in, we had to have the no fun things done to bring the house up to FHA standards:

  1. The exterior wood trim scraped, sealed and repainted.
  2. The incoming electric service had to be brought up to code replaced and the main electrical panel $$$.
  3. Smoke detectors installed.
  4. Create a drainage path away from the house.
  5. Fire rated door replaced at the garage entry into the house.
  6. GFCI’s added to all wet areas.

So our electrician is named Mike, he is our new best friend, and we send Christmas cards to each other!  HA!

This is ONLY the beginning of our love/hate relationship with this Texas sized home reno.  Many tears have been shed, but it truly is a labor of love trying to make a beautiful home for our family.